Examples of our projects and developments

SleepControl - driver fatigue monitoring system
Project status: project in progress
The SleepControl driver fatigue control system being developed is designed to significantly reduce the risk of drivers falling asleep while driving by monitoring physical parameters and promptly signaling the risk of switching to micro-sleep.
The device is being developed in two modifications:
– for private use;
– for professional use by drivers of transport companies (with the function of transmitting information to the dispatcher)

Control cabinets for heating and drying
Project status: project completed
An automation project was developed, production was carried out according to the developed documentation, and the necessary installation and commissioning work was carried out.
The project required the control of several furnaces with the control of a number of temperature points and with the control of semiconductor relays according to one of the selected schedules. At the request of the Customer, a number of functional systems were duplicated, as well as notification to specified telephones in the event of emergency situations.

Condition monitoring system for composite overhead line supports 110 kV
Project status: project completed

Wireless system for monitoring composite supports with functionality developed and installed:
– deflection of the support from the vertical axis;
– the mechanical load on the insulating crosspieces of the supports from the wires;
– definition breakdown fact or overlap insulating traverse

Development of design documentation and production of a series of non-standard power cabinets
Project status: project completed
Completed development of design documentation and manufacturing a series of power cabinets to control lighting, pumps and valves for vertical greenhouses

Synchronous vacuum switching machine
Project status: project completed
Controlled zero-crossing switching is a sure-fire way to reduce overvoltages that occur when disconnecting inductive loads (for example, unloaded transformers). Allows to extend the service life of the switched transformer. The device was developed and implemented using proprietary sensors, as well as unique switching algorithms. The device is unique - the only such development in the Russian Federation

Li-ion battery status controller
Project status: project completed
A charge controller for Li-ion batteries has been developed, which provides monitoring of the state of the batteries, their balancing, remote control of loads, as well as data storage in the cloud storage

Damping low-inductance RC-circuits 6 and 10 kV
Project status: project completed
Application RC-snubber circuit - another way to protect the dial-up transformers and cast resin dry surge occurring at switching of vacuum circuit breakers for complex circuit solutions.
For the development of many hours of research carried out with the use of simulation of switching and conducting experiments, eventually formed and launched into a series of devices with unique physical specifications

Multichannel electricity metering system 
Project status: project completed
The developed multi-channel electricity metering system provides measurement of 6 power channels for a three-phase load, remote control of loads, as well as data storage in cloud storage

Multipoint contact system
Project status: project completed
A multi-point contact system has been developed for use in devices with the need to create breaks.
Variations of the contact system make it possible to operate at short-circuit currents up to 20 kA. Systems are used preferably for voltages of 6 and 10 kV 

Three-phase power supply for aircraft
Project status: project completed
A three-phase power supply for aircraft with an output voltage of 200 V and a frequency of 400 Hz has been developed.
The source is powered from the 24 V DC on-board line

Diagnostic complex for surge arresters installed on overhead line supports
Project status: project completed
A wireless diagnostic complex for overvoltage arresters has been developed and delivered. Information inside the complex is transmitted from one support to another located at a distance of up to 100-200 m.
The complex is built on ZigBee technology and is capable of covering a power line up to 100 km long.

Automated control system for 0.66-10 kV switching devices
Project status: project completed
Developed and produced automated control system of vacuum contactors and vacuum circuit breakers of different modifications voltage from 0.66 kV to 10 kV. The system is used for acceptance control and in an automated mode it allows to measure time characteristics when switching on and off, the presence of bounce and its parameters, as well as the operability of all contact blocks. Upon successful completion of the tests, the system automatically uploads the data to a single database, as well as to the device passport

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