Electronics development

Development of new-to-world products from concept through to serial production.

Elron LLC develops modern electronics for various purposes: power electronics, wearable electronics, data collection systems, transceivers, etc. 

We work with various architectures, interfaces and types of components, introducing the most modern electronic components and solutions at the time of development, but at the same time we always monitor the experience of using such components in analog devices and analyze any available information on the experience of using components. This approach allows obtaining modern solutions with a lower risk of encountering operational problems and undocumented limitations of the components used.

Our company has experience in working with the following architectures and microcontroller manufacturers:
- Cortex m0 / 3/4/7, c51, avr; 
- Nordic, Silabs, ST Microelectronics, Atmel, NXP. 

We have experience in the development and subsequent manufacture of printed circuit boards with the following parameters:
- Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer (up to 8 layers);  
- Rigid, flexible, flexible-rigid; 
- Base material: FR4, polyimide, ceramic; 
- Total PCB Thickness 0.1mm - 3mm;
- Copper layer thickness 18 microns - 200 microns; 
- Minimum via 0.15mm / 0.35mm; 
- Minimum Clearance / Conductor: 0.06/0.06 mm (Flex), 0.075/0.075 mm (Rigid); 
- Additional technologies: via-in-pad, Half-cut/Castellated Holes. 

Experience in the development and subsequent installation of components: SMD, DIP, WCSP (DSBGA, balls with a diameter of 0.25 mm, the distance between the balls is 0.5 mm). 

The smallest components that were soldered in the WCSP (DSBGA) package are balls with a diameter of 0.25 mm, the distance between the balls is 0.5 mm. 

We are flexible in the development, and are ready to work both in the case of a fully defined concept of the device, requirements for it, place of production, etc., and in the case when the concept of the device at the start of work is not finally determined by the Customer, and is formed and corrected in the course of work.

Electronics development involves several stages: 

- Collection of requirements, restrictions and wishes;
- Development of the device concept; 
- Selection of the main components of the units of the device; 
- Designing schematic diagrams; 
- Simulation of device operation (if necessary); 
- Development of the design concept of the device, general construct (if necessary); 
- Design of printed circuit boards, including building a 3D model; 
- Making a model (s), performing tests. 

Based on the results of the project, our Customers receive a complete package of the necessary design documentation, sufficient for the serial production of the developed devices. 

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