Contract manufacturing

Elron LLC contract manufacturing according to standard and individual schemes

Elron LLC specializes in the development of new products from concept to production.

Here's a quick rundown of our approach:

- Whenever possible, we strive to integrate existing technologies into our projects, which will speed up development time, reduce costs, while achieving or exceeding the goals of the project and product. This includes using robust components that are readily available, well documented, easy to evaluate and implement, or using designs already built by our in-house engineering team that are ready to be deployed to your application.

- We define a plan and a team for each project individually.

- Our work programs are structured in such a way as to identify and minimize project risks as early as possible.

- We are happy to make changes to your scope of work as the project progresses.

- At the end of the project, we give you all the results and design.

- Our growth is supported by references and repeat orders from our ever-growing and satisfied customer base, so your success becomes our success.

Our office address

630090 Novosibirsk city,
st. Nikolaev, house 12,
13th floor, office 17


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  • Novosibirsk city,
    st. Nikolaev, house 12,
    13th floor, office 17
  • +7 (383) 380-75-57
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