Development of new-to-world products from concept through to production

Directions in Development

Device Manufacturing

Elron LLC specializes in contract development and production of devices and devices for medicine and power engineering. Our employees include only highly qualified specialists

Software Development

We develop and deploy custom mobile apps, embedded software, smart equipment and cloud services

Industrial Design

Design; conceptual development; fully-functional prototype development and production; mechanism & machine design; design for high-reliability and safety; production management

Communities & Partners

Lebedev Ivan Alexandrovich
Founder and CEO
Candidate of technical sciences

“Over the years, our team has successfully solves customers' business challenges associated with the development, production and introduction of new products - from very small to major products of federal and international importance.
Despite this, we still treat each project we undertake as our own - thoughtfully, responsibly and enthusiastically. New tasks or obstacles on the way do not scare us - for many years we have been learning to deal with new directions, look for new and often non-standard solutions, and implement them into our products. And we are good at it."

7 essential facts about us



completed developments and projects


years of experience in device development and project management


large clients, of which
12 - federal,
3 - foreign

> 51 000

devices shipped by our employees



publications in scientific and technical journals and materials of seminars and exhibitions


federal-level organization standards developed with the participation of our employees


employees work on the tasks of the Customers, of which 4 employees have a сandidate of technical sciences 

Why Choose Us?

It's simple.
Hundreds of Russian engineering teams carry out developments.
Dozens of them understand real business challenges.
Units solve them as effectively as we do.


We have over a hundred devices and projects in our inventory for companies from completely different fields.


You are always aware of what we are doing, we follow a strictly established plan.
If something goes wrong, we warn you in advance


We always complete projects. We often do more than the Customer originally asked us to do


We have everything you need to work on your project, and even more


We know how to keep secrets, and we document it

Transfer of intellectual rights

All results of work and initial data belong to you

As our work is organized?


Getting initial data

Obtain input data, perform initial appointment with the customer to discuss the details of the problem, claims, terms and other conditions


Analysis of the problem. Formation of a technical and commercial proposal

Analysis of the possibility of completing the task, the specifics of the task, timing, required resources.
Providing a technical and commercial proposal


Coordination of technical specifications and commercial proposals. Signing of the contract

Form a technical task and calendar plan together with the customer.
We sign an agreement


Completing of the work

We carry out work within the framework of the tasks received. If necessary, we organize meetings with the Customer with the provision of intermediate results


Delivery of results

We hand over the results of the work. If necessary and at the request of the Customer, we make adjustments. We form plans for the following tasks of the Customer


Warranty and post-warranty support

We carry out warranty and post-warranty support based on the results of work

Frequently asked Questions

You need custom development if ...
The device you require:

no existing analogues;
It has counterparts, but they are not suitable in terms of functionality;
have imported counterparts, and domestic needs;
Your company:
not have their own development department;
has a development department, but it is overloaded;
has a development department, but it lacks the specific competencies

It all depends on many factors: functionality, alleged serial production, the need for integration with other systems, etc. To obtain a reliable assessment of the timing and cost of the steps we need to discuss the project with you and make a detailed analysis of the tasks.

On the duration of the project affects the complexity and uniqueness of the device, at the stage of technical and commercial offer you will get the price and terms with sufficient accuracy. Further adjustment is possible if on your part at the stage of the Terms of Reference will be made to the new block.

Yes. Unique projects are our profile.
We love new and challenging challenges.

We love new challenges

Tell us about your task!

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